Enuff Graffiti Full Setup


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The Graffiti II by Enuff Skateboards is a ideal starter board for anyone looking to start there skateboarding Journey. Coming in 7.75″ width, perfect size for learning tricks from ollie to kickflips but width enough to feel secure. Coming in with the industry standard 7-ply maple deck with a traditional concave and shape so changing deck in the future will be easy and familiar. Attached to this deck is Enuff signature decks coming with 96A bushing for a stable ride, perfect for learning how to move and turn the board without being overly lose.  With 54mm wheels coming in at 100A durometer making them on the harder side of wheels which is prefered by many pros for their benefits for sliding and grinding. All theses quality components Enuff skateboards have added on ABEC 7 bearings for a smooth and consistent roll.


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