New Savage Gear High Vis and Ghost Mix Gravity Stick Pulsetails


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The New High Vis Mix and Ghost Mix pulsetails.
 High vis mix: Lemon back, Pink Pearl, White Holographic UV
• Ghost mix: Holo Ghost, Cotton Candy Ghost, Motor Oil Ghost
A slim-profile, long-casting range of soft lures with a high specific gravity. All the lures have a rattle slot in the main body plus an insert weight slot in the tail area to add even more distance to your cast if required. The nose of the lures are perfectly designed for easy rigging on our small hitchhikers. The back of each lure has a recessed slot for our 6/0 weedless hooks, plus a hook guide entry point on the belly for precise and easy rigging.

Pulsetail – offers a very subtle and realistic pulsing tail action on a simple straight retrieve, where the body of the lure deliberately has a “no-action” profile while the tail seductively pulses all the time. The Pulsetail swims perfectly at a variety of speeds plus it also


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