Oshea 10’8 QSx Inflatable Paddleboard


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At Last, an affordable quality BIG board!!


The Oshea Qsx 10’8” offers increased volume and float whilst maintaining an encouraging 34” width for maximum stability. Stay more on the board and less on the water – Easy paddling for novice and intermediate BIGGER fishes.

Yellow top and bottom, ensures both  colour integrity and high visibility – be SEEN, be SAFE on pond, lake or ocean.

Featuring: Reinforced tow and leash eye +  O’Shea HP2 Power Pump +  RMS-Removable Fin System +  Original H3 Valve +  O’Shea Pro Backpack

+  CAD Design and Tested by Farrel O’Shea

Register for 2 year warranty

Board Spec:

–  108’’x 34 x 6
–  Vol – 320 ltr
– Recommended Rider weight: 130kg

O’shea Inflatable Paddleboards are supplied as standard with…

– O’Shea board bag which can carry the board as a back pack and made from highly durable
– Std O’Shea Alu Paddle – fully adjustable
– O’Shea SUP Power Pump
– Fins

This board is constructed using Premium HDx.

Building on our legacy of quality and durability, we have strived to improve our “Go To” Highly Durable series. Oshea have pressure bonded the twin skin, resulting in less excess adhesive, ie reduced weight but also improved surface finish – the wrinkle surface now a thing of the past.

The benefits of this construction include:

– High Durability
– Stiffer in all directions
– Shape integrity long term
– Pro surface finish
– Enhanced glide when breezy



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